Export of Saudi counter-attack crushers on schedule.

2018-01-31 15:11

Export of Saudi counter-attack crushers on schedule.
The company has been focusing on the development of crushing and screening equipment for many years, and continuous research and innovation, continuous improvement of processing technology, dedicated to providing high quality crushing equipment and perfect after-sales service system.Over the years, shandong federal heavy industry has developed better, and our equipment has become more and more popular with customers. With high quality equipment, our "repeat customers" are more and more numerous.
In 2017, the company from Saudi Arabia customers 1315 counterattack crusher etc 12 crusher and sand washing machine 10 sets, as well as supporting plate hammer 20 tons of orders, the delivery of the equipment from raw materials into the factory inspection, parts processing, empty of commissioning finished product to the finished product inspection, finally sandblasting spray paint appearance inspection, such as personnel in strict accordance with the company's factory inspection system, strictly control every detail and ease, ensure products are fully comply with quality requirements.


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