High efficiency application of tai 'an 1000-1200tph large li

2018-01-31 15:13

2017 Tai’an City river channel sand mining forbidden mining period from July 1 solstice on September 30, to July 1 solstice December 31, the city's ban on all forms of storage sand activities, reflecting the stone industry will present a shortage situation, and the material price will continue to rise.
Mr. Guo, the director of taixing stone development co. LTD., seized the moment.Taixing stone development co., LTD. Is located in dongping county, Tai’an City, shandong province, which is rich in mineral resources, with large reserves and relatively concentrated distribution.
Guo before New Year's day was the Shi Liaochang expansion plan, and visit the national companies, but due to factors such as cost of online, after some investigation, hasn't been able to set a cooperative enterprise.
In understanding the market environment of the device, guo more hope to find a suitable to the nearest supplier, so for local enterprise has carried on the investigation and collection, finally put the federal heavy industry co., LTD. Shandong listed in the enterprise.

[reasons for the adoption of the product by the user enterprise]
In the first half of 2017, Mr. Guo visited the federal heavy industry company to inspect the plant area, plant equipment and manufacturing process, and signed the contract the next day.
Mr. Guo admitted that the advantages of the federal heavy industry in equipment, price, scale and service quality are the main reasons for my successful signing with the federal heavy industries.During the investigation, Mr. Guo approved three aspects of the federal heavy industry.
First, from the manufacturing equipment and production, the federal heavy industry mining machinery manufacturing level of domestic first-class standards.
The second federal heavy industry's products are better than their counterparts in quality and cost.First, the structure is simplified and the maintenance cost can be saved.Under the condition of the same processing power and power, a single machine equipment can save 30% of the on-line cost compared with the previous year, which also reflects the simple and simple spirit of shandong people.
The integrated zero-distance information service of the third federal heavy industry and the strong supply of spare parts make him more comfortable in future maintenance.

By the strong durable heavy duty apron feeder to two high broken ratio PE1300 * 1600 jaw crusher, primary crushing, again by hopper will material into two PC2018 trueshot crusher output material will be screening, achieve granularity specifications of the material will be unified to the storage areas.
In the screening process, materials that fail to meet the requirements of granularity will be transported into the back feed channel to the intermediate fine cavity hammer crusher.PC2018 trueshot crusher is suitable for limestone, coal, dolomite, coal, construction waste crushing medium hardness material, has the advantages of big crushing ratio, high production cost and choose the equipment can effectively save the online.
In terms of design, considering the characteristics of the enterprise not using circular vibrating screen, it USES 24 simple linear vibrating screen, so that the cost is realized from single machine to on-line cost.

[user enterprise's use of the product's effect feedback]
This production line design specification, layout is concise and clear, saved the space covers an area of, also save the use of online maintenance operation time and cost, especially in terms of construction foundation construction installation, engineer for the foundation to control is very strict, this makes me a better good, because the solid infrastructure and layout is reasonable will directly affect the later maintenance costs.
Federal heavy industry standards higher than counterparts in terms of construction, the details of the production line processing deal with timely and thoughtful is my reason, favored by production line running has good performance, and higher than the design production requirements, it is enough to prove that the heavy industry not only single machine equipment

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