In the federal republic of Switzerland, yuxing resources scr

2018-01-31 15:14

In the federal republic of Switzerland, yuxing resources scrap steel was successfully put into operation a year ago.
In November 2017, Mr Lu yu xing resources not only for coming to my company inspection, prepare online broken scrap, aluminium scrap, scrap material thickness is not more than 5 mm, through the understanding of my company's manufacturing and services, and together they visited the nearby scrap broken line case, for my company production scrap steel crusher, material particle size, very pleased to miscellaneous effect, yield.During the period, we also inspected the production site of Mr. Lu. After analyzing the materials and the production requirements of Mr. Lu, we designed the crushing production line of 1600 type scrap steel and signed the contract.

1600 scrap steel crusher delivery site.
With the development of iron and steel industry development, the high-quality goods the demand of the steelmaking furnace charge, promoted the emergence and development of various processing equipment, advanced processing equipment to produce high quality steel scrap, also promoted the development of the iron and steel industry, widely used in continuous casting even plunge into new technology of short process, especially the rapid rise of electric furnace steelmaking, the quality of iron and steel scrap put forward strict requirements, and with the development of national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, mechanical equipment, automobile, household appliances, such as not only the rise in the Numbers, and update cycle is shorten, formed in the recovery of iron and steel scrap from society increased, the proportion of social recycling scrap composition is complicated, non-ferrous metal, nonmetal and garbage mixed content is more, it puts forward new requirements to us, is the scrap processing equipment must meet the new requirements under the new situation.
Equipment are not made, the drawing first, after confirm the design and the whole line, scrap steel production line equipment manufacturing and infrastructure and synchronization, during my company before assigning engineers from construction coordination organization went into operation until the scrap and broken line has been in good production foundation contributions to service for the customer at the scene.

The production line has been put into operation with the first heavy snow in our city. We hope that the first snow in 2018 will be accompanied by the federation, with customers coming together from the old and higher mountains.


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