The complete equipment of the dust catcher will be delivered

2018-01-31 15:15

The complete equipment of the dust catcher will be delivered on schedule.
As the "source mountain" brand awareness of ascension and wholeheartedly, to service and quality of casting market reputation, the company in 2017, the order is also increasing, in order to ensure that all orders timely delivery, the factory workshop is working overtime is not bitter, but it will catch order with good quality.This shipment is mainly a complete set of equipment for dust remover.

Timely fulfill its promises with customers, timely completion of production tasks, cheng Ming "eight to eight production system", namely at 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. from work to work, two weeks a Sunday, I work overtime in production, to ensure that the products are completed on time.Continuously for more than a month of time, staff such continuous work is very tired, but as a royal person, they are more interested in the development of the enterprise, they know that "a rising tide lifts all boats" truth, understand the interests of the company, customer interests above all else, the development of the enterprise, the better, your will have a bigger development space, so there was no work longer hours on the company, cancel the weekend rest any emotions, instead more conscientious in the busy work.The first line worker has the cold and fever to go to work in the daytime to go to work in the evening to go to the transfusion treatment, have the home child unattended, have the family old person sick to be in hospital.In order to finish the production in time, they gave up the opportunity to spend many evenings and weekends with their families.Under the night, chengming production workshops and office buildings are often brightly lit, working late into the night has become commonplace, and their work has been understood and supported by their families.All from the overall situation, for the development of chengming career, they use the actual action to dedicate their own strength, to create their own touched.

The hot weather though wet clothes to shipping in the workshop, but could not resist the delivery personnel's enthusiasm, they would check after loading in the shipping list, dust mat wood, and the problem of wire rope fixed tightly and not because of the delivery distance nearly any slack.

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