Xinjiang changji 600 tonshour hard hit type crushing product

2018-01-31 15:17

Xinjiang changji 600 tons/hour hard hit type crushing production line on schedule delivery.
Today, the PC's hammer crusher and ZSW vibration feeder are delivered to xinjiang, and the crushing material of PC hammer crusher is more than 95% and the output is over 600 tons/hour.
In April, chengming machinery was happy to be busy, today, chengming machinery sent to xinjiang changji, the crushing production line of broken production line timely packaging and delivery.
Cheng Ming machinery present orders this year, the task is heavy, the phenomenon such as time is tight, in order to ensure products are completed on time with good quality, cheng Ming people unremitting efforts, day and night to work but also strives for perfection, the joint efforts of everyone for sales, are formed in the industry "good quality, excellent service, high cost performance" of good reputation.
Be brave to fight for the honest people thumb up!In pursuit of the excellence of chengming people cheer!
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