An effective method to prolong the bearing life of crusher.

2018-02-01 13:21

With the rapid development of China's construction, cement, metallurgy and other industries, the use of crusher equipment is gradually expanding.However, because the user often neglects the maintenance of the bearing, the machine fails to function properly.

There are some ways to help extend the life of the machine:
1. Before installing the crusher, check the number of parts and check the damage caused by machining surfaces and threads in handling and handling.
2. When the crusher is installed, it should be coated with dry oil on the fixed contact surface, and then coated with thin oil on the active surface.Especially after the bearing is installed, it is necessary to tilt the outer ring and apply lubricant to the bearing.
3. The bearing coating lubricant is also very particular, covering all roller surfaces when applying grease lubrication, and restoring the position of the outer ring after finishing. It also needs to cover the dust with plastic film and so on.
4. After working for a period of time, the crusher should be inspected regularly.Remove the bearing, and if the bearing has less wear, it can be turned on the lathe to achieve the correct geometric shape.Also notice the gap between the eccentric shaft and the axle and the spindle and the shaft. If it is more than 1.5 times, it should be replaced or adjusted.
When 5, daily use, also must pay attention to the bearing cleaning, put the bearing into the oil first, and then use the brush to brush dirt on the surface of the bearing, and then to appropriate heating oil, carefully again to the inside of the bearing ball and hole cleaning.
According to the above method, it can effectively protect and prolong the life of the bearing.


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