Guide to selection of metal ore crushing equipment.

2018-02-01 13:23

The crushing process is the most important position in the whole metal mining process, and the selection of metal mine crushing equipment affects the operation of mine production.Metal crusher (such as iron ore crusher, crusher gold and copper mine crusher) choice, you can according to the types of mining is to determine, combined with the mill capacity, choose to suit your own equipment, to maximize the production efficiency.

There are many types of crusher, and the choice is to consult the experts in the mine, or to the salesmen who sell mine equipment to know the situation (click consult).Jaw crusher: jaw crusher is commonly known as jaw break, also known as tiger mouth.The crushing chamber is composed of two jaw plates with movable jaw and static jaw, and the crusher of the material crushing operation is accomplished by simulating the movement of the two jaws of the animal.Cone crusher: suitable for crushing medium hardness and medium above all kinds of ores and rocks, the machine has broken force, high efficiency, high capacity, the action, low cost, convenient adjustment, economic use, etc


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