Maintenance of scrap crusher.

2018-02-01 13:24

Scrap crusher is a kind of machine which can make the material can be deformed and split into fine particles by the external force in the machine according to the requirement of the user.Steel scrap crusher with motor drives the rotor, the basic principle of extrusion under the high speed high torque motor driver, gouge in the crushing cavity can be fully and effectively finely, to be broken apart into accord with specifications of the broken objects.But in operation, it may be a long time, there will be some failures!The following taian jiangshan hoisting to people to say a few maintenance tips.

1. If the head of the impeller's rivet is badly worn, it can be surmounted with the electric welding of the impeller and the hub, so that the damaged rivet head can be restored to its normal state.
2, steel scrap crusher of rivet hole easy to produce fatigue crack, you can use the unused electrode for welding cracks, welding after the rest of the electrode and the symmetry of rivet repair as long as the rest of the electrode, so as to guarantee the equal to the weight of the weld.If there is no crack in the symmetrical rivet hole, the welding rod should be surmounted here to offset the new welding weight of the symmetric rivet hole.The cracks can be repaired by means of this symmetrical reweighting method.
3. A simple dynamic balance test for impeller is carried out with scrap steel crusher, and the method is very simple.Use an object to support the impeller, move it with your hands, gently rotate it, and the balance will stop at the lowest point and swing around.If there are heavy on the other side of the impeller welding, add weight to make it balance, or use the grinder mill to lay particular stress on impeller weld mark, also can achieve balance, so we can put the fan restored to normal work.
4, new steel scrap crusher solved the shortcomings of the old steel scrap crusher blade, and to switch to a specially designed spindle and cutting wheel, the knife dish is very durable, do not need to change, only need to fill on the knife dish knife is ok.
5, in order to be able to separate iron particles and aluminum particles of metal material, the new steel scrap crusher configuration of the conveyer, the transport and magnetic separation, is a material conveying equipment, metal material after broken can be separation of metal aluminum and iron.
6, can effectively control the discharge of the degree of thickness, precise control of the knife dish, as long as the clearance and the distance between the lining board, metal material fineness of steel scrap crusher came out under a millimeters, even rate can reach 90%.Scrap steel crusher can be broken iron, metal, tricycle, car shell, pressure block, color steel tile, waste home appliances, iron filings, safe, iron railings, etc.
7, special design of steel scrap crusher cavity and lining board, in turn told the knife dish at the same time, metal material grinding off the paint on the lining board, ensure that don't have any impurity and paint.
8. The fan and dust collector shall be separated in the dust collector and the fan after the broken metal material, and the impurities and paint shall be discharged.

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