Nine advantages of scrap steel crusher.

2018-02-01 13:25

Steel scrap crusher advantages there are many, many, and the advantages are the same, used for processing scrap automobile bodywork, old appliances, bicycles, and so on steel raw materials, the following just tell me the advantages of the scrap crusher for you in where?
1. The same is true when the metal crusher is mixed with other scrap steel. The broken steel can fill the gap and increase the feeding density;
2. During smelting, electrode damage is reduced;
3. During smelting of scrap steel, air pollution is reduced;Technical operation is relatively easy;
4. When smelting, the furnace is heated evenly and the feeding frequency is reduced;
5. When the waste steel crusher is smelted, the power consumption per ton of molten steel is reduced;
6. High proportion of steel water and waste steel produced;
7. Life extension of refractory lining in the furnace;
8. The selling price of broken steel is much higher than that of scrap steel produced by other methods;
9. The chemical composition of the steel water in the steel crusher is relatively stable.
In waste recycling market is not difficult to see chunks of scrap metal frame, frame and other metal material is difficult to take up the space is large, how to deal with these metal material makes the recycling price is higher, takes up less space as scrap metal recycling companies considering whether to recycle the premise condition, the shattering of the scrap crusher has strong performance, large materials processing can be become a certain size of metal particles, which can effectively solve the above problem.

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