The characteristics of the spring cone crusher and its usage

2018-02-01 13:25

Spring cone crusher is a kind of high power and broken equipment, mainly by the empty frame, transmission, eccentric shaft, bowl bearings, crushing cone, adjustment device, adjustment set, spring, and row ore mouth with hydraulic station and other parts.In order to be able to achieve the crushing effect, what is the performance characteristic of the spring cone crusher, and what should be paid attention to in use?Next, let's get to know each other.
Performance characteristics:
1. Higher capacity, better quality.
2. Due to the insurance device, the down time is greatly reduced.
3. Provide spring protection device.
4. The body is cast steel structure, and the reinforcement bars are set in the heavy loading part.
5. With adjuster, it can quickly adjust the size of the broken material.
6. Complete lubrication system will be automatically closed when there is too high temperature or too slow.
7. Good sealing performance of internal structure, which can effectively protect the equipment from dust and other small particles.
8. Good service life.
1. Select the appropriate crushing cavity capacity and appropriate feeding size ratio.
2. Whether the material is evenly distributed after entering the crushing chamber.
3. Keep the discharge port open.
4. The viscous material in the material will reduce the overall production efficiency.
5. The removal amount of crusher should be consistent with the belt conveyor.
6. The recommended power of the manufacturer can be used in the recommendation process.
For the use of the spring cone crusher, in addition to mastering the basic operation method, some details of the operation are needed to avoid the loss caused by improper operation.

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