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2018-02-01 13:28

Shandong is a major mining province, and many non-metallic mineral reserves are among the highest in the country: gypsum, 1st place;Magnesite, 2nd place;Talc, no. 3, other such as bentonite, barite and so on also have certain advantages.These minerals, due to their large market capacity and high value of development and utilization, are also faced with the grim reality of the lower overall level of development and utilization.
Development and utilization status
Gypsum, gypsum resources used mainly for primary products, which sell the original ore and cement plaster accounts for more than 80% of production, for the production of gypsum block, gypsum board, gypsum plaster and other building materials accounted for 18% of production, the other USES the proportion is very small.
Magnesite: magnesite is mainly used in the production of magnesium.Due to the low level of development and utilization, the output is decreasing year by year.However, with the development and utilization of technology, the ore demand will increase rapidly, so the development and utilization potential is huge.
Talc: widely used in the application of talc, mainly used as industrial filler, such as paint, papermaking, building materials, rubber, plastics and other products, accounting for more than 70% of total consumption;Secondly, for export powder, it has a certain popularity in international market;Part of jade used to make handicrafts, has begun to scale.
Bentonite: drilling mud for oil field and geological drilling in the initial stage. In recent years, it has been used in iron ore pellet binder, foundry sand binder and production active clay.The annual production of active white clay is very high, which is one of the main active white clay production bases in China. The products are widely used in petrochemical industry, papermaking, food processing industry and other fields.
Development and utilization prospects
Gypsum: with the increase of land and environmental protection, traditional building materials will be phased out gradually.It also means that gypsum building products will gradually replace the qin brick hanwa.Plaster production of new building materials (gypsum block, plasterboard, fiber plasterboard and all sorts of adornment material), the construction investment and production energy consumption and products of various performance than the traditional cement, clay brick is much more superior.
Magnesite: mainly used in the production of high purity magnesium oxide, magnesium cement and magnesium.At present, we can produce 98% high purity magnesium oxide, which is used in high-grade refractories, optical glass and advanced insulating materials.Magnesium cement is made of light burned magnesite and made from magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfate solution, the product has high cohesiveness and plasticity, the solidification time is short, and the binding force and good physical properties, organic matter is a good building materials.The metal magnesium market has declined sharply due to the disorderly competition of enterprises, but with the increase of magnesium in the automobile industry, the market of metal magnesium is favorable.
Talc: talc mineral should go deep processing and comprehensive utilization road.The deep processing products are mainly surface modified micro-powder, which is used in the packing of polyethylene and polypropylene engineering plastics, which is used in automobile industry and household appliance industry.The comprehensive utilization of talc should be determined by its quality, such as high whiteness, soft and no harmful elements for the production of cosmetic filler;Non-asbestos and heavy metal impurities are used in medical and food special plastic products;A slightly inferior quality is used in paints and fillers.
Bentonite: the application direction is the deep processing development and utilization, such as the production of colloidal white clay, white carbon black, high grade paint filler and so on.Colloidal white clay is made of high quality bentonite, which is light in color and light, and has excellent performance. It is used in daily chemical industry, textile printing and dyeing, medicine and other fields.The carbon black products produced by bentonite are of high quality, simple process and low cost, and have good economic benefits.Bentonite is used as the filler of high grade coating, such as building coating, imitation porcelain paint and emulsion paint, which can improve the performance of coating and reduce the cost by 12% ~ 18%.

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