What kind of hydraulic taper is used for the processing of 1

2018-02-01 13:29

It can be used for concrete mixing station, hydropower construction and local infrastructure construction.At dawn heavy industry, there are many kinds of machine, such as cone breaking, sand making machine, and hubei, etc.
Shandong Lianbang heavy industry professional engineers will be according to the customer to rational allocation of sand production line, production site, for example, when he produced 200 tons of cobble sand production line, can configure CSB cone,horizontal bar hydraulic cone breaking and VSI sand machine, etc.The excellent wheel design of 5X sand making machine greatly reduces the material through resistance, which increases the throughput and the crushing ratio, which is 30% to 60% higher than the traditional impact breaking efficiency.And the degree of automation is high, the investment return period is short.
Reasonable configuration and optimization of process design makes play efficient performance of each device can ensure the whole production smooth and stable, HST application of cone crusher can greatly reduce the cost of cobble and broken, 5 x the application of sand making machine guarantee the quality of the finished product.
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