Where is the 500T/H gravel production line in Inner Mongolia

2018-02-01 13:30

Shandong Lianbang heavy industry science and technology to produce a full range of rubble line, mine broken line and sand milling machine production line, several provinces and cities at home and abroad have customer sites, and offices in many domestic provinces and cities, there are our long-term foreign professional engineer to provide convenient services, technical support, etc.
Also have more than one production site in Inner Mongolia, one of the 500 t/H crushed stone production line, the processing of construction waste materials, and finished product is mainly used in building aggregate, concrete aggregate, and red brick aggregate and recycled.The feed grain size is 120-1500mm, and the finished product is controlled at 10-400mm.

Configuration of mobile crushing plant Shandong Lianbang heavy industry science and technology, mainly used for processing of construction waste materials, such as equipment type configuration need professional technical engineers detailed configuration according to field production condition, production in a few T/H to hundreds of T/H, the price also can make a big difference.
If you are interested in the broken stone production line, you need to know more about the crushing of construction waste and mobile crushing station, and you can click online customer service for detailed consultation.

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