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Introduction: PX series of new fine crusher is used as a secondary or tertiary crusher, which is the first choice for the crushing of the material. It is used for the crushing of various kinds of ores, rocks and other materials under the crushing compressive strength of 320MPa.
Working principle:
The motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed by driving the triangle belt and pulley.The material is impacted by the hammer head to the counter cavity to make the material impact smaller. When the crushing material is smaller than the mesh size, it is discharged through the discharge port.


Application Range:quarry crushing plant,mining,coal mining etc.

Applicable Materials: Granite,basalt,limestone,quartz,coal mine,construction waste and etc.

Performance Advantages:
  • Scientific and reasonable structural design, easy adjustment, stable and reliable performance.
  • Large crushing ratio, fine outputs,high crushing efficiency.
  • Unique regulatory structure, the utilization ratio of hammer bar and sieve plate is higher.
  • Unique design of crusher frame and grid plates, saving 20% running cost, low maintenance rate.
  • High efficiency fine crushing, very low power consumption, good dust-proof performance.
  • Special wear resistant material, longer service life,lower maintenance cost.
  • High rate of finished products, the yield of single crushing can reach more than 70%.
Model Input size (mm) Max.Feed Size (mm) Setting Adjustment Range(mm) Output Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw)
PX0808 800*300 55 5-20 <5 30-40 55
PX1010 1000*350 180 5-20 <5 40-60 90
PX1012 1200*400 180 5-20 <5 70-100 110
PX1212 1200*450 180 5-20 <5 80-120 132
PX1214 1500*450 190 5-20 <5 100-140 160
PX1414 1500*500 190 5-20 <5 120-180 200
PX1616 1600*550 200 5-20 <5 170-210 250
PX1818 1800*800 200 5-20 <5 250-270 315

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