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Service is our core competitive power, is one of the important factors in the company's 21 year development and expansion of the federal support, in 21 years crusher equipment industry continue to learn from the experience of success and failure. In terms of hardware upgrade and team loyalty and expansion of the federal people keep making a number from youth to middle age people to become the backbone of experienced service, our service philosophy is people-oriented, and these talents is with life interpretation of the quality of service also affects the new federal people.

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Different from the general crusher manufacturers, the quality of purchased parts is difficult to control.
More from the customers in the production line running security, self production of crusher parts casting process with high
quality hard alloy material, stable quality assurance to ensure adequate supply of goods.

through the contract in the material specifications, models, quantity inspection, in the crusher
equipment before leaving the factory, we will carry out multiple inspection.

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Our own fleet, in order to further ensure that the delivery of equipment is correct.
We have a very rich experience in outbound logistics declaration, from the crusher to the production of the project to
get 100% guarantees.

Our services throughout the life cycle of the project sand, from foundation construction to start the installation engineers will conduct on-site guidance and construction, until the whole sand production line operation in accordance with the standard.

All the products of our company will provide you with a year without wearing parts quality assurance (such as accidental defects, will be replaced or returned).

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